Diary of a Mistress

Diary of a Mistress - Miasha, Claudia Aleck
Diary of a Mistress

My wife always says, "A man just don't stand a chance."

When she first said this, I was slow to speak and gave great thought to the statement she made, because I was ready to debate her claim. I was about to pick up the flag and march into battle with her over such a claim. --I pondered, and pondered some more, then came to the conclusion, she was right, a man just don't stand a chance, and this short novel shows just one aspect on how men don't stand a chance against the games a woman plays.

Women know other women, but she doesn't always sure of her man. This tiny bit of doubt is all the other woman needs to spin her web, and with that in mind, Diary of a Mistress will take you on a journey no one should ever have to travel.

Author Miasha was born a Storyteller, and man can she tell a story. Diary of a Mistress was a damn good read, although most the words was delivered to me from my Audible app, which was narrated for 4 hours and 54 minutes long by, Claudia Alick, who done a wonderful job.

There wasn't many characters and the few the author used, she used quite effectively. Character development was excellent. Subplots was and tension points was perfectly set in their proper places. The hardcover book was well crafted, with a clean font and solid pages.

The story is told from the mistress, Angela's p.o.v., which glues you to your seat and set the wheels into motion of making this novel a page turner. Angela is charmed by her instructor, Carlos. She befriends him and as time advances, so does their relationship. Angela wants to take their relationship to the next level, which puts Carlos and his wife Monica marriage on a road confusion and distrust, and understand why a man don't stand a chance.

This novel is a damn good read and do not think you would be disappointed with spending your money or your time. I give this one 5 stars.