My First, My Last

My First, My Last - Lacey Silks I read story on my Kindle App. The formatting, typesetting, and overall composition was excellent. The author Lacey Silks does a wonderful job in this short story with just two characters. The plot was simple, the plot points was set properly. This short story was written with all the elements necessary to be called a romance story.

The story was told by the main character, Rose, who became widowed two years earlier, and at this point in time she was confronted by the man she gave her virginity to as a teenager.

Rose tells the story from the present, to the past, back to the present. Both character's true feelings are revealed, and the author throw in an erotic moment shared by the couple.

I seen that other reviews on this short story are mixed. Many readers found it to be too short. Granted it has the potential to be a full length novel, but it's a short story and the author did a great job in bringing all the necessary elements together to produce a complete thought.

I gave this S.S. 4 stars. If you like erotic-romance stories, this is a nice one. It reads fast, smooth, and a little tingly.