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Mistress, Inc. by: Niobia Bryant

Mistress, Inc. - Niobia Bryant

    Mistress, Inc. 




Well, well, well, I have read the third installment of this Mistress series, and we have come to hear the voice of the mistress, Mz. Jessa Bell, and she seem to have a hell of a lot to say.

In this installment Jessa speaks out, and peoples are listening to what this pregnant mistress has to say. She goes from tramp of the year, to an leading authority on cheating, no good husband's.... If that ain't the "fuck-it," I don't know what is.


This novel takes a few twists and turns, although there was nothing really shocking, but not that predictable either, which kept me racing towards the end. Mrs. Jessa Bell took center stage, and the author worked her in every which way possible. Although Jessa tries hard to stay on the side of The Lord, there just too damn much going on with the woman to walk among the righteous, and one reason why is, if Jessa looks anything like the model on the audio cover here, then hell she was created to please and to be please. Why fight nature? --And Jessa Bell can not fight hers.


My versions of this novel was read in my Kindle app and listen as an audiobook purchased from Audible.com. It was narrated by (the hot, sex, seductive voice of), Scoozi Cheyenne, and yes I got a thang for this woman's voice. The audio version played for 9 hours and 2 minutes, and Published by: Recorded Books.


Author Niobia character development skills was excellent. The plot was driven by Jessa's small bush fires she had flaming up everywhere, which will keep you turning the pages to see what she does or how she responded to situation, the woman has such a wicket tongue. --I think the author was trying to prove a point to counter the judgement handed over to Jessa, and I'm not sure if I liked it. This dislike is not against the author or the storyline, it's just to say in my opinion to uncover all those who were judged as hypocrites damn near validated Jessa betrayal, and exonerated her of her sins, I just like calling a spade a spade. You read it and let me know what you think. The drama is good, not over the top. The situations are true to life, as well as their solutions are believable.


This story just seem to get better as it goes along, if you haven't gotten your copy yet run and your copies today,, because the next book is on its way! "The Pleasure Trap" set to drop this October 2014..... So catch up.... This novel gets a 5 out do 5 stars.




The Pleasure of Pain by: Shameek A. Speight

The Pleasure of Pain - Shameek Speight

The Pleasure of Pain  

I really don't know where to start.  I'm not sure if I ever stated that I really don't read books about the drug game, it's not that I don't like them, I'm just not interested in them, but I'm branching out some and I have a few in my lineup to be read.

 I have this novel in a Kindle format, and as an audiobook, from Audible.com. First the Kindle version, which I purchased on Sept. 10, 2012. I mentioned my purchased date because I have seen that this title now shows an update published date of: May 14, 2014. The reason why I'm pointing out the publication date is because the version, which I purchased back in 2012 was poorly formatted. This was why it took me some time to complete it. Once I learned there were an audio version of the novel, I ventured in once more. Ebooks are supposed to read just the same as its printed version, so they should look similar, even if they are not by their nature. -There should be no space between paragraphs, margins should be set properly and so on, and so on. This was not the case with this novel (he is far from alone with this problem, even I screwed it up first uploaded version, and haven't corrected it yet, but this isn't about me). So I hope the revised version cleaned up the mishaps and produced a better reading product.

There were many editing errors found throughout the novel. The audio version from Audible.com, narrated by: Mr. Gates, length: 3 hrs and 46 min., format: Unabridged, offered some help, but even with the audio version you can hear the errors, and formatting mistakes through the narration.  
I heard a lot about this book and about the author, Shameek Speight, so I decided to download the book and see what all the fuss was about. I hate to say, I didn't see it. I won't take nothing away from the author. This man is selling more books than I am, but I just could not find what the rave was all about, which makes not question the author, I'm questioning the readers. Yeah think about that for a second. I know pretty covers will draw you in, and this 'Pleasure Series' covers are top notch.

The story moved fast, damn near too fast, which I think if the author would have eased up off the gas, the characters would have been better developed. The back story on the characters didn't really tell me who they were and why I should care for them. The character Bless was defined well, and I understood him. I got the story on the four ladies but there wasn't enough information there for to me develop a relationship with them, or to even care for them, and they really undergo some shit in this novel, but without a well defined back story it can weaken the development of the character and that is what happen here.

Now if you like action, and drama, this novel has it. If you like erotica, there is a whole lot of f**king going on between these pages, almost too much, but its not erotica, its porn, so if you're young, put the book down and back away.

The novel was very predicable, if you're a mystery solver, you won't have any problems figuring out who betrayed the crew, and you won't have a problem figuring out who was going to die and who wasn't.  Even thought I knew what was going to happen at the end of the novel, damn did I enjoy reading it! -I love action and drama and it played out like a movie in my head, and I liked that.

I have part two of the series, "The Pleasure of Pain 2" in my Kindle ebook collection already and I will read it, as well as part 3. I hope I will be able to deliver a better review. This novel I give 2 1/2 stars out of 5 stars.




A Stem Full of Thorns (The Unicorns book 2)

A Stem Full of Thorns (The Unicorns book 2) - Lord' Williams A Stem full of Thorns

We forge relationships for many reasons. When we seek soul-mates, we’re willing to step out of our comfort zones in hope that the love we seek is mutual. What price are you willing to pay for love?

Release Date December 17,2013: Finding someone to care for and love unconditionally, while receiving the same comes at a cost most peoples are not pay, and at the end of that relationship it leaves us broken, bitter and harden.

What price would you be willing to pay for love? –The Steaks has raisin, and the cost has become unbearable for all those who remains connected to William. The charming, sexy, lovable William R. Green has pushed everyone beyond their limits, and become the man who must be stop. William recent events have forced the Heavens to respond, and Yvonne is ordered to kill her husband of 25 years, but will she? Can her love for William be stronger than a commandment of God?

The jilted lover Robert brings William’s temper to a boil when he put his hands on Yvonne. This taboo sets chaos into motion. Robert takes things too far when he tried to force his well upon the center of his world, Yvonne, which brings forth a long awaited show down between him and William.

Dana has been bewitched and fights to regain her soul. That fight is hampered because the source of her trouble is the former wife, and mother of her fiancé two children. She need the guidance of her former lover William, but Kevin had issued an ultimatum, end her relationship with William, or end her relationship with him.

Her terrifying dreams and horrible visions has left Andrea to divorce her husband and move back to NYC to reconnect with William, but in doing so, her husband refuse to give up without a fight and is sent on a mission by his church to slay William.

--And the sweet home-wrecker, Joann has spent the night on the dark-side, and was damned. The Evil on left her with a choice to join them and reign supremely, but if she choose to keep her faith and love in William, she will lose all she cherish.

Lines with be drawn, love will be tested, and blood will spill in; A Stem full of Thorns.

Mistress No More (MP3 Book)

Mistress No More (MP3 Book) - Niobia Bryant, Soozi Cheyenne Mistress No More

My, my, my this series is only getting better. As an author I wondered how Ms. Bryant was going to start this volume of the series, and than I wondered where the he'll will she take it? Well this author answered my questions and then some, and how so you asked? Well the life of the characters are driven by the storyline, the storyline is driven by the subplots, the subplots are defined and executed by the author's Character Development Skills. Poor Character Development leads to weak characters, undefined subplots, confusion, and sloppy execution of other elements needed to tell a good story. The author Ms. Bryant was able to take her characters and take this story into a direction I didn't consider and to that I say, "Bravo!"

My version of this novel was an audiobook purchased from Audible.com. It was narrated by (the seductive voice of the grown and sex), Scoozi Cheyenne (Ooo I got a thang for this woman). The book runs for 9 hours and 23 minutes, which is about the average time 10 hours audiobook (ruffly around or above 300 pages), and it was Published by: Recorded Books.

Now how did author Niobia craft this tale? Well do you remember those issues our 3 herons had back in, "Message from a Mistress?" Well those issues never did get resolved in the first book because the issues was used as pawns, but in this venture those same issues are strongholds which must be addressed. Now can you say 'drama.' Now I love me some drama, and a good damn cat fight, and the author severed me up a plate that left my belly full, and tongue dangling.

The three friends Jaime, Renee and Aria who all had some deep dark secrets which was unknown to each other back in the first book was now comforted with the realization that their perfect world and secrets lifestyles have crumbled and surfaced. Picking up the pieces and moving forward became a challenge for each all the women, and their mates.

The character development was excellent. Each person was unique and believable, although it was interesting to see the Wandering Husband, had undergone a personality change, well actually he displayed several personalities, but the author did established how he was capable of changing personalities within the first novel, which helped with making what was uncharacteristic, plausible. The plot was driven by the subplots of each woman's situation. Each subplot tension builder was on the mark, which climaxed the story to an explosive ending.

This is a series I actually like, and I don't like many. I gave this novel 5 stars out of 5. It was a smashed and a book which will draw you in and have you talking back to the pages. If you haven't read the, "Mistress Series," by Niobia Bryant and you like Romance Suspense and Drama, it's a must read series.


Message From A Mistress

Message From A Mistress - Niobia Bryant Message from a Mistress

I believe this novel by Author Niobia Bryant, was her debut novel, and she knocked it out the ball park with this work, which was cleverly written.

My version of this novel was an audiobook purchased from Audible.com. It was narrated by (the seductive voice of), Scoozi Cheyenne. It plays 8 hours and 44 minutes, which is about the average time 8 to 10 hours, and it's Publisher: Recorded Books.

I loved the way Author Niobia weaved this tale because the mistress within this story took a back seat to her three friends Jaime, Renee and Aria who all had some deep dark secrets which was unknown to each other but the mistress who had highjacked one of their husband's.

The character development was excellent. The plot was driven by curiosity because you wanna know who's husband wasn't coming home, while the subplots revealed the reasons of how a backstabbing bitch was afforded the opportunity to place them in their situation.

What situation, you asked? Well, these three women, Jaime, Renee and Aria all received a text message from their friend, Jessa while having a spa day. The message told them that she had been sleeping with one of their husbands, and that they were in love, they brought a house together, and that him and her was running off to live happily ever after. That's the situation I'm talking about.

These women sum up their lives in the few agonizing hours afforded to them before they learn which of their husband's will not be returning from their fishing trip. -And you know what the mind can do to you when haven't been living right. You know what I'm talking about. That little affair you had, that walk on the wild side, lying on your ovaries, and little stuff like that can really weight on ones emotions, and it does.

The writing is clever, the characters are real, the situation happens more often than not. I gave this novel 4 stars out of 5. It will surly entertain you, and make you wonder about how you living.


Secret Society

Secret Society - Miasha, Claudia Aleck Secret Society (Secret Society 1)

First off, I have to pat myself on the back for listening and completing this book, I see I have matured some. Secret Society by, Miasha is a book I would not read, nor listen to for that part, not because there was anything wrong other then the subject matter, which involved the two central characters, Celess and Tiny.

First I listen to the Audible.com version, which was narrated by, Claudia Aleck who by in turn did a wonderful job and it felt good to hear her voice once again after becoming acostomed to her picturent power of verbal illusions. The audiobook was published by Blackstone Audio Inc., it plays for 4 hours and 16 minutes long, which is not bad at all for such a well rounded, fast pace story.

The author Miasha calls herself a writer and she is mistaken, she is much more than a writer, she's a Storyteller. When you can enchaned and captured the being of your readers and transpored them to another demension, which voids them the knowledge of themselves, transforming them into that "fly on the wall," you have gone beyond the scope of writing, but you have created a solid foundation within the space of a persons mind from an illusion makes you that of a Storyteller.

The story is about two young peoples working hard to obtain something quickly, which can only be obtain with vested time and oneself. Now you know I never say much about a story because if I tell it to you, then why read it. -But as I said had I known firsthand about the main characters lifestyle, I would not picked this novel to listen to, or to read and the reason for that is because I'm a man, and at my age I know that to be a fact, so their lifestyle challenged me and I was not bothered by Celess and Tiny being who they were, and who they are, and what they do turns this into a must read or must listen to novel. These two ladies give gold diggers a run for their money, and as life would have it when live in the fast lane, you are bound to crash and that does come to past.

I gave Secret Society an 4.5 out of 5 stars. The book is a fast read, with a fast pace storyline. I do believe you would enjoy it even if it's not your normal cup of tea. You might even learn a few things.


Diary of a Mistress

Diary of a Mistress - Miasha, Claudia Aleck
Diary of a Mistress

My wife always says, "A man just don't stand a chance."

When she first said this, I was slow to speak and gave great thought to the statement she made, because I was ready to debate her claim. I was about to pick up the flag and march into battle with her over such a claim. --I pondered, and pondered some more, then came to the conclusion, she was right, a man just don't stand a chance, and this short novel shows just one aspect on how men don't stand a chance against the games a woman plays.

Women know other women, but she doesn't always sure of her man. This tiny bit of doubt is all the other woman needs to spin her web, and with that in mind, Diary of a Mistress will take you on a journey no one should ever have to travel.

Author Miasha was born a Storyteller, and man can she tell a story. Diary of a Mistress was a damn good read, although most the words was delivered to me from my Audible app, which was narrated for 4 hours and 54 minutes long by, Claudia Alick, who done a wonderful job.

There wasn't many characters and the few the author used, she used quite effectively. Character development was excellent. Subplots was and tension points was perfectly set in their proper places. The hardcover book was well crafted, with a clean font and solid pages.

The story is told from the mistress, Angela's p.o.v., which glues you to your seat and set the wheels into motion of making this novel a page turner. Angela is charmed by her instructor, Carlos. She befriends him and as time advances, so does their relationship. Angela wants to take their relationship to the next level, which puts Carlos and his wife Monica marriage on a road confusion and distrust, and understand why a man don't stand a chance.

This novel is a damn good read and do not think you would be disappointed with spending your money or your time. I give this one 5 stars.

Where Did We Go Wrong Again?

Where Did We Go Wrong Again? - Monica Mathis-Stowe Please refer to my review of, "Where Did We Go Wrong."

My First, My Last

My First, My Last - Lacey Silks I read story on my Kindle App. The formatting, typesetting, and overall composition was excellent. The author Lacey Silks does a wonderful job in this short story with just two characters. The plot was simple, the plot points was set properly. This short story was written with all the elements necessary to be called a romance story.

The story was told by the main character, Rose, who became widowed two years earlier, and at this point in time she was confronted by the man she gave her virginity to as a teenager.

Rose tells the story from the present, to the past, back to the present. Both character's true feelings are revealed, and the author throw in an erotic moment shared by the couple.

I seen that other reviews on this short story are mixed. Many readers found it to be too short. Granted it has the potential to be a full length novel, but it's a short story and the author did a great job in bringing all the necessary elements together to produce a complete thought.

I gave this S.S. 4 stars. If you like erotic-romance stories, this is a nice one. It reads fast, smooth, and a little tingly.


Where Did We Go Wrong?

Where Did We Go Wrong? - Monica Mathis-Stowe
I first read the Kindle eBook version, and listen to the Audible.com, audio version, narrated by Hillary Hawkins. I kinda liked these two novels. I will admit it took me a minute to get into the story. I will not blame the author, Monica for the slow start, I blame the story itself. The three main characters in, "Where Did I Go Wrong," were... simple said, was young. Their issues were, juvenile, but don't undermine the story and here's why. I'm in my mid/late 50's, with over 36 years of marriage, and I lived these issues when I was the of these three young ladies, but I stuck with the novel because the writing was good enough to get me involved emotionally and mentally.

The Kindle edition was nice and clean, no funny coding or weird stuff. The Audible.com edition was 8 hours, and 51 minutes long, published by, The Literary Publishing Group, and again the narrator was Hillary Hawkins.

The novel has a lot of characters, the author Monica, does a good job in the character development. The subplot and plot points were set good, the story did move well, although the ending was abrupt. The error the author made here is one of the same I committed as well. I learned ending the story at a critical climax doesn't make the reader anything other than PISSED OFF. I learned the hard way I was sculled, received threats, and was punched at two separated readers. So hopefully she received some advise on closing and opening sequels

Narrator Hillary Hawkins she did a good job with separating the many characters employed within the pages of this story, but I don't think she was suited for all the characters, I think a male narrator could have been used, and for this reason Narration received a 3.

The story is full of drama, and as I always say, I love drama, and if you love drama you will not be disappointed. These three young ladies will take you through a range of emotions as they cause and work out their particular problems, and boy do they have some issues. Most of the storyline is believable. There were some flags, but the author ironed them out and them seem plausible, so overall the read, or listening is good.

What did I find out of place, annoying, or totally unbelievable? -The two central characters Joy and Allen. Now this is where I see the book was written by a woman for women. Joy should have been Allenless, because her constant whining and distrust with Allen just pissed me off. The man done took a bullet, and nearly died for you, so who cares if he didn't tell you about everyone he sexed while he was living his life without you in it! --Is what I wanted to say. (Okay granted the crazy chick tried to kill her, but that's different). --And was just too good to be true. He did most things what a would do for his woman, but he was too concerning, too protective, just plain old overbearing. Baby this, and baby that, baby, baby, baby. If she farted he wanted to know if it hurt her, and then he would analyzed it to see if the gas mixture is okay. A man like that has issues, they're over possessive. But other than those two wacky relationship, the two novels are a good read. My overall rating for both novels is 3 stars.


Big Girls Do Cry (Audio)

Big Girls Do Cry (Audio) - Carl Weber, Various Big Girls Do Cry (Big Girls Series - Bk 2)

It taken me a good minute to write this review because my, was spinning over the details and situations within this novel. It turned out I read this series out of order, I somehow read "Torn Between two Lovers," before I read this one, which left me rereading and buying the audio versions of both novels so could put the contents of the two novels and two audio books into a perspective view.

Big Girls Do Cry was an interesting read since I had already read it's sequel before hand. I first read the hardcover version, which as I mention, left me somewhat confused because I just knew, "Torn Between two Lovers," were was the first installment. Notice I said first... Yeah, yeah, I was all messed up on this series. That's what happens when you fall behind in your reading, and there was no indication within it's subtitle as to the volume it was, so I flipped-flopped the series.

Carl Weber is an excellent story teller. The Storyline was well developed, as with all the subplots, and their plot points. For new and young writers a novel is created by the mechanical skills the author processes and is used to craft their vision, Carl Weber has those skills. --Character development was excellent, no one was out of place, missed used, or under-developed.

The audio version was narrated by Teresa Floyd. She does a very good job driving you through all the twist and turns of these crazy ass characters for 11 hours and 22 minutes, or 352 pages of nothing but deceit and betrayal to feed upon.

The novel is primarily centered around Isis psychotic butt, and her psychosis will have you spinning with mixed emotions from the things she does to her sister Egypt, who in my moral consciousness was wrong for getting married, and that's an underline issue for the mess they're twined within. -But you judge it for yourself. The next problem comes between Loraine, Leon, and Jerome, Loraine's close gay friend and former lover. Yes I said former lover that's now gay. Loraine has no trust for her husband, minuteman Leon, and believes he's cheating on her, this woman turns her unstable, sexually deprived world upside down when she's reacquainted with a gentleman from her past.

Now last but not least is the proud and gay, Jerome. He loves turning straight guys out, which is like any man, always looking for a virgin, and for the life of me don't understand why. The whole desire and concept of fooling around with virgins is just asinine, but maybe that's just me. Getting back, this thing with turning straight guys out leads him to find The One, and learns you should never dip and flip The One.

Big Girls do Cry - 5 stars out of 5. It's full of drama, and I like drama. I liked it because it had a lot going on, and the author did a wonderful job keeping it under-control. Book 2 of the series is a must read.


Sin No More

Sin No More - Kimberla Lawson Roby Sin No More (Reverend Curtis Black #5)

In a series, I love when the books flow into each other. For me, this creates a seamless saga, and as this series continued, Sin No More begins less than a year from Love & Lies.

Author Kimberla gave Reverend Curtis Black a make over in this novel, but other than Rev. Black, everyone else remained in character.

Mystery and drama starts from the very beginning. The subplots gave the author a lot of latitude to craft this tale. Chapter development was excellent, and I say excellent because there wasn't that much of OVER THE TOP DRAMA, this seasoned writer kept me driving towards the finish line for the How!

Mystery is a mighty force, which is hard to wheel, and the author displayed she has the ability to use this force as a tool to pin this novel.

From the very beginning we know the WHO, and we know most of the WHY to the subplots, and the author uses the element of HOW as the beacon. --That element of How, kept me in wonderment of the other missing elements, What and When.

I read the hard cover edition, and listen to listen to the audio version which was narrated by Tracey Leigh. Tracey Leigh does a wonderful job vocalizing each character, except Rev. Black. Tracey doesn't do a bad job at bringing him to life, it's not that at all. I just don't see him in that tone of voice.

If you are a fan of the Reverend Curtis Black series, and you're behind in your reading of the series as I am, you will enjoy this fifth installment of the series. I only hope you will enjoy it as much as I have, this way you will see why I gave it 5 Stars.



Nookie - Anieshea Dansby The theme of this novel is for 'young adults,' which made it somewhat difficult for me to get into, and the fact that the novel contain a lot of errors. A full review will be posted on my blog and Goodreads.


Update, Oct.4,2013:

As I promised to follow through with a complete overall review of "Nookie"

I really don't like giving low ratings on books I read, or critiquing other authors work, but just because I don't like doesn't mean I won't. --And yes I used the word 'won't.' I think this book has the potential to be greater than what it is, and what it is is underdeveloped! I found that the characters was underdeveloped, chapter development underdeveloped, sub-plots okay, tension predicable, lack editing, and sentence structure.

I'm not trying to be curl, and I hope the author doesn't take offense in this review. I received reviews such as this and sort to improve my craft, and my work. Again I think the book has potential and needs some polishing.


Jack & Jill (Audio)

Jack & Jill (Audio) - John Rubinstein, James Patterson, Blair Underwood Jack & Jill (Alex Cross #3)

There isn't much I can say about the book or the author. I love the Alex Cross series. I was hooked with "A Long Came a Spider," and "Kiss the Girls."

Jack and Jill is a fast pace, riveting, suspense/thriller. This is a novel I would love to watch on the big screen!

James Patterson is an Master at character development, which is such an essential element in the craft of writing. Plot development received excellent support from its chapter development and suspenseful sub-plotting.

Jack and Jill is an assassination team that terrorize the DC area, and puts Capital Hill on high alert. they are highly skilled, highly effective, and Alex is placed right in the middle of their carnage and rampage to execute the President of the United States.

So go find your favorite chair, a pot of coffee, or coco, and whatever else you need to be comfortable, while James takes you on this emotional roller-coaster with Alex Cross to uncover the reason why these ghost has come out to kill in this 5 star read.


Love & Lies

Love & Lies - Kimberla Lawson Roby

I like this read. It had been many years since I last read a Reverend Curtis Black novel and it felt good to reacquaint myself with the characters and their history. The history of the characters came back slowly and I was surprise I had retained as much knowledge of them, which I did. I can only give credit to Mrs. Roby for being a master in "Character Development." -This is an area of writing new writers should study and practice. Now on to the book.

I have read Love & Lies hard cover, and I listened to the novel in audio formats, narrated by Tracey Leigh. Kimberla Lawson Ruby did a wonderful job with Love & Lies, which is book number four of the Rev. Curtis Black series. The mechanics: Character development was excellent (Kimberla is an masterful author at this). There was no stalling, or dry spots, the story moved very well. Plot points were set and well developed. Sub-plots moved the story. Chapter development was well organized. I did not find any editing, or manufacturers errors. Nice thick cream-colored paper, the font style and size was excellent. Adult Theme, but suited for the matured +17 year old.

The characters Rev. Black, Charlotte Black, Melissa, and Janine drives this storyline with lies, infidelity, betrayal, domestic violence, and mental illness. Kimberla combat these issues with honesty, trust, love, and bravery. After reading this novel, I can say all the events and solutions are plausible, and real life, which left me to wonder if any of the characters innocent of their circumstances?

Love & Lies was an emotional read, as you will pick your characters to cheer on, and those you will want to just meet in an ally and beat their ass, and that ass whopping includes Rev. Black for his dumbness, and weakness. --This is a well crafted novel, and well deserved of 5 Stars. The only reason why I would not give it 5 Stars is for its predictability, other than that, it rates 4.50 Stars, excellent!


The Choir Director

The Choir Director - Carl Weber The gang came back to entertain me and was brilliant with doing so. I normally denotes particulars and fundamentals of the book characteristics, but I read most of this book from my e-reader. It was nice to see all the characters from the previous novels come back together in this pager tuner, and like old pros, they put on a magnificent performance. Things are not what they seem, nearly everyone is hiding behind a mask. There is so much backstabbing and secrets, can you say: "Christians behaving badly!" You may need a score card to keep up with all the players doings. Mr. Weber weaved together a storyline I think that shined better than some of his previous works. -The Choir Director comes to First Baptist Ministries as their savior, but drama follows this Fine-Sexy brother wherever he goes. At first I thought he was James Black replacement, but no he had unique problems of his own, but just like Jame Black the Choir director Simone W. was one of them. Simone... what a spoil 'B.' -The storyline moves at an easy pace at first, but 1/3 into the novel, it takes off and becomes a true page tuner. I liked every character's role except for the First Lady, she was too gullible, but maybe it's me. I can't stand a stupid woman. I think you will enjoy this dramatic twister from beginning to end.


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