Where Did We Go Wrong?

Where Did We Go Wrong? - Monica Mathis-Stowe
I first read the Kindle eBook version, and listen to the Audible.com, audio version, narrated by Hillary Hawkins. I kinda liked these two novels. I will admit it took me a minute to get into the story. I will not blame the author, Monica for the slow start, I blame the story itself. The three main characters in, "Where Did I Go Wrong," were... simple said, was young. Their issues were, juvenile, but don't undermine the story and here's why. I'm in my mid/late 50's, with over 36 years of marriage, and I lived these issues when I was the of these three young ladies, but I stuck with the novel because the writing was good enough to get me involved emotionally and mentally.

The Kindle edition was nice and clean, no funny coding or weird stuff. The Audible.com edition was 8 hours, and 51 minutes long, published by, The Literary Publishing Group, and again the narrator was Hillary Hawkins.

The novel has a lot of characters, the author Monica, does a good job in the character development. The subplot and plot points were set good, the story did move well, although the ending was abrupt. The error the author made here is one of the same I committed as well. I learned ending the story at a critical climax doesn't make the reader anything other than PISSED OFF. I learned the hard way I was sculled, received threats, and was punched at two separated readers. So hopefully she received some advise on closing and opening sequels

Narrator Hillary Hawkins she did a good job with separating the many characters employed within the pages of this story, but I don't think she was suited for all the characters, I think a male narrator could have been used, and for this reason Narration received a 3.

The story is full of drama, and as I always say, I love drama, and if you love drama you will not be disappointed. These three young ladies will take you through a range of emotions as they cause and work out their particular problems, and boy do they have some issues. Most of the storyline is believable. There were some flags, but the author ironed them out and them seem plausible, so overall the read, or listening is good.

What did I find out of place, annoying, or totally unbelievable? -The two central characters Joy and Allen. Now this is where I see the book was written by a woman for women. Joy should have been Allenless, because her constant whining and distrust with Allen just pissed me off. The man done took a bullet, and nearly died for you, so who cares if he didn't tell you about everyone he sexed while he was living his life without you in it! --Is what I wanted to say. (Okay granted the crazy chick tried to kill her, but that's different). --And was just too good to be true. He did most things what a would do for his woman, but he was too concerning, too protective, just plain old overbearing. Baby this, and baby that, baby, baby, baby. If she farted he wanted to know if it hurt her, and then he would analyzed it to see if the gas mixture is okay. A man like that has issues, they're over possessive. But other than those two wacky relationship, the two novels are a good read. My overall rating for both novels is 3 stars.