Love & Lies

Love & Lies - Kimberla Lawson Roby

I like this read. It had been many years since I last read a Reverend Curtis Black novel and it felt good to reacquaint myself with the characters and their history. The history of the characters came back slowly and I was surprise I had retained as much knowledge of them, which I did. I can only give credit to Mrs. Roby for being a master in "Character Development." -This is an area of writing new writers should study and practice. Now on to the book.

I have read Love & Lies hard cover, and I listened to the novel in audio formats, narrated by Tracey Leigh. Kimberla Lawson Ruby did a wonderful job with Love & Lies, which is book number four of the Rev. Curtis Black series. The mechanics: Character development was excellent (Kimberla is an masterful author at this). There was no stalling, or dry spots, the story moved very well. Plot points were set and well developed. Sub-plots moved the story. Chapter development was well organized. I did not find any editing, or manufacturers errors. Nice thick cream-colored paper, the font style and size was excellent. Adult Theme, but suited for the matured +17 year old.

The characters Rev. Black, Charlotte Black, Melissa, and Janine drives this storyline with lies, infidelity, betrayal, domestic violence, and mental illness. Kimberla combat these issues with honesty, trust, love, and bravery. After reading this novel, I can say all the events and solutions are plausible, and real life, which left me to wonder if any of the characters innocent of their circumstances?

Love & Lies was an emotional read, as you will pick your characters to cheer on, and those you will want to just meet in an ally and beat their ass, and that ass whopping includes Rev. Black for his dumbness, and weakness. --This is a well crafted novel, and well deserved of 5 Stars. The only reason why I would not give it 5 Stars is for its predictability, other than that, it rates 4.50 Stars, excellent!