In My Prayers with My Legs Wide Open

In My Prayers with My Legs Wide Open - Jatana Anita Williams I gave this book 4 stars. I have had a lot of problems trying to complete my reading of this novel, not because it was bad. -Just the opposite, I could not keep a copy! Every time I let someone look at it, I never got it back! I was told the book is good, the book is good, and I tell them all, "give it back, give it back." -Ms. Williams and I bare no relations. I have had the joy of meeting with her, she's a very nice young woman who's warm and down to earth.

The book is about 120 pages long, small font, and good page stock. The book is for matured adults, Ms. Jatana Williams gets very raw. The theme of the book comes straight from the title, but the book does not fall within the "Christian Fiction" genre. The book is fast, and an easy read. The downside of the novel and what stopped me from giving it 5 stars was that the book needed a little more editing.

I think Ms. Williams did very well for her debut novel, and I look forward to reading more of her work.

The main character in the book J.J. finds herself dealing with a typical problem many people face today, always in search of Great Sex! -J.J. has no reason to be doing what's she doing, she has a great husband who loves the hell out of her, but her problem is she's a Hoe and she knows this. She's not one of those hoes who will do anybody and everybody. J.J. is an addict in search of great sex, an addiction in conflict with marriage and her God.

I believe this book will have most of its readers questioning themselves and their own personal feelings in contrast with J.J's issues.