Keepin' It Tight

Keepin' It Tight - Shani,  Greene Dowdell “Married couples beware!”

Lela James was warned by her grandmother, Jenna, but like with everything many lessons are learnt firsthand. First the mechanics: the book is 180 page, perfect blind, the print font seems to be about an 11 pt., meaning very readable, bright white paper stock. Character development was perfect. Chapter progression was excellent. Plot-points and tension levels were all in the spot and executed well. –All of this meaning this author can write.

This is an excellent book for beginning married couples because it will teach them all the pit falls and how to watch out for all those snakes out there. It point out issues which is at the heart of every relationship. Issues about feelings, neglect, and obsession, which has the power to divide and destroy any marriage if the couple fails to keep it tight. –Lela James finds a man who has everything, good looks, an educated mind, a good job, and actually likes working…

But having it all comes at a price. This young couple learns the hard way that “for every action, there is a reaction. And for non-action, there is a reaction.” Shani Greene Dowdell, pinned a masterpiece for her duet novel. I’m hoping there is an sequel to follow.