He's A Keeper

He's A Keeper - Leila Jefferson He’s a Keeper
Leila Jefferson
$14.95 - Pg. 250
ISBN: 097610251X

Ms. Jefferson weaved a spinning web of love, lies, lust and deceit. A simple question put is, ‘How do you stop a runaway train?’ And the answer is, you can’t. The hereon, Toni learns some hard lessons, in some harsh ways. –First the mechanics: Character development was excellent. There was no stalling, the story moved very well. Plot points were set and well developed. There were minimum spelling errors. Nice white pages, but there were separation between the pages of the binding which concerned me a bit. Being a person who usually only purchase hardcover books, this made me wished I had. But that’s not under Leila’s control.

He’s a Keeper moves fast and it take you into the adolescent of the swinger’s lifestyle. Toni starts this novel thinking that she can have her cake and eat it too, while having enough to feed her soul mate, Eric. Toni seeks to have all that every woman wants, a wonderful husband, adorable children, a decent job, friends, and love. But Toni also has an itch. The author tried to convince the reader that Toni enters this world of Swinging to keep her husband’s lust for other women to a null, while she explore her inner secrets and desires, oh and Melvin.

No need to say her plans backfires, all hell break loose and her world is turned upside down.

This book is for a mature reader. There is drug, group sex, and abuse that will make you wanna jumped between the pages to voice your two-cents, or kick some butt. It’s just all that.

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