Up To No Good

Up To No Good - Carl Weber Most of the time I would give details on physical aspects of a book, but I read this book off my ereader. Nook format, the pages flowed nicely, no weird coding or improper formatting. This book is part of the James Black series. The book starts off with drama and ends in drama, and I like drama!

I must take my hat off to Mr. Weber. He dared to take his characters in a direction which I would have bet my last dollar that he wouldn't. Damn I would have lost! -Speaking of, which, the characters development was excellent. Sub-plots was excellent and moved the storyline very well. There was some foreseen situations (predictability) you can see coming but the writer managed to keep me glued to the pages through his style of writing and delivery of the situation.

The book ended leaving me with a lot of questions like, 'damn, what's next!' -Up to No Good, show people in their true light. The book covers situations and topics such as; Stoking, Alcohol abuse, betrayal, greed, cancer, and whoring. The book has a mature theme, yet I believe a 15/16 year old will be able to comprehend the story. The sex is safe, and the cursing is at an minimum.

All in all it was a very good read. Thank you Mr. Weber for a job well done.